Monday, April 28, 2014

piCture pOlish ~ Borealis

Today, I am going to share my wonderful purchase of piCture pOlish Limited Edition Borealis! There are only about 400 bottles available globally and I practically camped out in front of my computer just to grab a bottle of it once it is launched. You can imagine my excitement when I checkout my cart and paid for it.

Why did Borealis caused such a big HOO HA when people can't get it? One of the reason is the wonderful formula that is consistent in almost each and every bottle of piCture Polish I owned and the other reason is for the amazing multi chrome glitters packed in this polish.

Borealis is mainly made up of tinted purplish polish heavily packed with micro glitters in purple, blue and copper. You can see them showing up in different colours from different angles when you wore it.

micro shot of borealis
Unfortunately this is no longer available on picture polish site but I still wanted to share this beauty with everyone out there.

Next up.....I have more Limited Edition polishes from picture polish to share! I just need to get those pictures of Aurora and Illusionist taken....

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm on Facebook!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for my absence again! I am damn bad at keeping up with the posting on my blog but I realised that I can do a better job at sharing my nails swatches and reviews on social media instead so I have decided to create a Facebook page just for sharing everything about nails!

The page is still new so do Like it and check out the regular updates coming up on the Page!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

piCture pOlish Random Swatch Spam

Today is a Sunday nail swatches spam just for piCture pOlish! If you have missed my previous post about the collaboration shades for them, check them out here now! After my first purchase with piCture pOlish, I fell in love with the texture and the pretty shades. I know I had to get more and I did! I bought another 4 new shades on 11 January and I received them on 15 January! That's how fast the shipping was.

Now let's get onto the swatch spam!

It's the tiffany blue shade! Honestly, I cannot understand why people called Tiffany boxes blue because it definitely looks green to me. Nevertheless, I am going to call it Tiffany blue here although this is a mint green creme polish. This is one of the closest to the real Tiffany shade that I have seen. Application is smooth and just two coats and I can get the full opaque look.

This shade is named after Marilyn Monroe, a classic Hollywood icon! I love love this one! It is such a deep and beautiful red which silver glitter flakes in it. Somehow it reminds me of Zoya Blaze but I haven't really compare them yet so I can't tell if they are dupe.

For the Scarlett in all of you! Named after the main protagonist in the classic novel Gone with The Wind. This is a scarlet red jelly polish with silver glitter flakes in it. It's so stunning! Bright and cheery on my nails! This is one red polish that everyone should owned.

Shocking pink jelly with silver glitter flakes! This is so bright that I need a pair of sunglasses just to look at them! I can never have too many pink in my stash. :D

A sapphire blue polish packed with lots of fine silver glitters. This reminds of the galaxy and no matter you are under the sun or in the shade, the glitters could never been hidden. This one can actually be used as a one coater.

A soft denim blue polish packed with silver flakes in it. This is a very versatile shade that can be matched with any denim jeans you owned. You can never go wrong with it. Just like orbit, this can easily be a one coater too.

One of the newer collaboration shades, imperial is a bright purple with blue shimmers and lots of gold glitters in it. It reminds me of the royal and this is such beautiful combination.

Another new collaboration shade here, geode is a pale blue creme polish with gold and various shades of blue glitters in it. There are also very fine silver flakies in it too.

Last but not least, blogger is a glitter packed clear polish. There are so many different coloured glitters in it! Stunning and sparkling. As a blogger, this is one polish that I must owned just for the name.

Aren't you tempted to get something after looking at all these swatches? These polishes are actually paid for out of my own pocket. They are that beautiful that I wouldn't regret paying for them, so do check them out! You won't regret it!